The Root – Greed

Why are you saving? Planning? Managing your money? Greed camouflages in the form of saving, planning, and a false sense of stewardship.

The Root – Jealousy

Jealousy is the belief that God has not done enough for you!

The Condition of Your Heart

Speaker: Jeanette Alexander: What is the condition of your heart? Have you ever taken inventory?

The Root – Anger

Who do you hope to never see again? Who do you find yourself having imaginary conversations with? Who would you like to pay back if you thought you could get away with it? What is the remedy for my anger?

The Root – Fear

Due to recent terrorist attacks and school shootings, there has been a lot of fear lately. People are terrified. But there is a group of people who should not be afraid.

The Root – Guilt

How many of you have ever done anything wrong? How many of you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt somebody? How many of you felt responsible or remorse for what you did?

You Have A Heart Problem

How are things with your heart?

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