Run Your Race

What is the first step in discovering your purpose in life?

Receive Power

The Gospel is more than just eloquence and articulation. The gospel includes the power of God to change and rearrange your circumstances.

Fighting Sickness

Pastor DaVon shares the necessary weapons to fight off sickness and disease.

Work Your Faith

The story of the woman with the issue of blood.

The Talent

What are you doing with the talent that God has given you?

Remember To Forget

How to prepare for what’s about to happen in 2018?

A Christmas Story

A simple story that changed our lives forever.

Who Is He?

Why did God come in the flesh and what does that mean for me?

Shame On Me

The devil’s favorite weapon to use against us is shame…

The Gospel Of Grace

This message will show you how the power of God can change your life.

Fighting Fear

Guest Speaker: Matt Garris

Obtaining Peace

Guest Speaker: Pastor Alan DiDio

Why Did This Happen?

Pastor DaVon Alexander shares his thoughts on the church shooting in Texas.

Supernatural Rest

Do you feel exhausted, extremely tired, worn out, or fatigued?

When The Word Doesn’t Work

Are you frustrated? Mad at God? Tired? What do you do when you feel like the Word is not working in your life?

Supernatural Debt Cancellation

The practical prepares the way for the supernatural.

Why I Tithe?

This message will blow your mind and change the way you think about tithing.

Debt Freedom

7 Steps To Get Out of Debt


I’ve never met a person who admitted to struggling with greed. Greed is operating in your life. Check this message out!

The Spirit Of Mammon

What is the Spirit of Mammon and how can we identify this spirit working in our life?

The Unjust Steward

We will know a lot about your future by how you handle money today.

Why Do We Exist?

What is my purpose? What is the purpose of my church? Why does my church exist? These questions and others will be answered in this very inspirational message.

Answers For The Discouraged

In this message by Pastor DaVon’s mother, Jeanette Alexander, you will find solutions for discouragement.

Turning Discouragement Into Encouragement

Here’s what you should do when discouragement attacks you.

A Reason For Compassion

The reason why you lack compassion is…

True Inspiration

Check out Pastor Alan DiDio as he teaches on how to pull victory out of the Bible. You do not want to miss this insightful word!

Power Over Problems

How you look at problems will determine how quickly you get out of them.


Do you ever feel ignored by God? Do you ever feel like you have waited a long time for God to do what needs to be done? This message will enlighten you.

A Special Purpose

In this message, you will learn how to be used by God for special purposes.

Help My Unbelief

If you’re like me, you battle unbelief. Sometimes unbelief can go undetected. In this message, you will learn how to spot unbelief and eliminate it when it shows up.

A Father’s Day Story

Have you ever wondered what God thinks about on Father’s Day? This message will give you a perspective from His viewpoint.

All In

You are only one decision away from a totally different life!

Sneaky Devil

In this message, you’ll learn the tactics, tricks, and scams of your enemy and how to take back what’s been stolen from you. This message was preached at the dynamic ministry of Encounter Christ Church with Pastor Alan DiDio.

The Unpleasant Topic

Death is a topic that is relevant to us all, and yet it simply isn’t pleasant to talk about.

What is Heaven Like?

Satan does not want you to have a clear picture of all that God has planned for you in eternity. Listen to this message and find out what we can expect in heaven.

What Happens After I Die?

Too many Christians are afraid of death. Ultimately, everyone will die. As a believer, can we really know what will happen to us after we die?


Speaker: Pastor Kirby Anthony

Life After Death

How often do you think about life after death? An inaccurate view of heaven will destine us to a wasted life here on the earth.

Fake News

Lately, we have been bombarded with information. Most of the time, we do not know what is true or what is false. In this message, Pastor DaVon talks about the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Don’t Miss Your Moment

Speaker: Pastor Alan DiDio

Trust Transfer

Too often our trust is in something that is unreliable. How do we transfer our trust? Jesus shares a secret with the rich young ruler found in Mark 10.

The Secret

In the Book of Philippians, the Apostle Paul says, “I have learned the secret of living in every situation.” What is the secret?

The One Who Returned

Luke 17:11-19 – There’s more for the thankful.

Are You Stuck?

Mark 2:1-12 – Are you unable to move forward?

300 Strong

The people of TrueLife are just like Gideon’s 300

Never Lose Again

Speaker: David Kernall

The Miracle of the Net

Luke 5:1-11 – What’s your excuse?

Expect Miracles

Acts 3:1-10: A lame man healed

A Creative Miracle

John 2:1-11: Jesus turns water into wine

Create Joy

What to do when you are feeling blue?

The Joy Bucket

Need a little joy in your life?

Count It All Joy

How am I conducting myself in the midst of this trial?

Joy And Strength

The joy of the Lord is your strength

The Joy of the Lord

Joy will make you stronger

Jesus Is Joy

Jesus Is The Savior

Who Is Jesus?

The Unthankful Consequence

The Emotions Of The Elections

Election week was one of the craziest weeks of my life. As a pastor, I spoke with several different people from all walks of life.

The Next Level – Patience

The Next Level – Faithful

The Next Level – Humility

The Next Level – Thankful

Our Response To Injustice

The Purpose Of TrueLife

The Baptism In The Holy Spirit

Praying Mysteries

Speaker: Pastor Alan DiDio

Power Over Panic

Freedom From Bondage

The Empathy Experience

I Can

Freedom From Fear

Watch Your Mouth

Males vs Females

The Purpose of Men And Women

Defeating Discouragement

Who Are You?

God’s Goodness In Man

The Original Intent

Identity And Purpose

The Faith of Mary

What Friends Are For

Speaker: Jeremy Pearsons

Walk On The Water

The Faith Switch

Fuel For Faith

How To Access Grace

Why Did He Rise?

Mental Assault

You are under daily mental assault from the enemy

Trust God

How do we know that we truly trust God?

Trust His Voice

Can we completely rely on God?


Speaker: Hugo Montes

Our Mission: Follow

Following Jesus has a price and Jesus never hid the cost.

Our Mission: Love

You will be known by your love for others.

Our Mission: Vision

In order for there to be a mission, there has to be a vision.

His House

Your body is where the Holy Spirit lives.

The Power To Heal

What is the gateway to receiving healing?

His Will To Heal

Is it Gods will to heal every time?

Forget And Forget Not

The Gospel

The Root – Greed

Why are you saving? Planning? Managing your money? Greed camouflages in the form of saving, planning, and a false sense of stewardship.

The Root – Jealousy

Jealousy is the belief that God has not done enough for you!

The Condition of Your Heart

Speaker: Jeanette Alexander: What is the condition of your heart? Have you ever taken inventory?

The Root – Anger

Who do you hope to never see again? Who do you find yourself having imaginary conversations with? Who would you like to pay back if you thought you could get away with it? What is the remedy for my anger?

The Root – Fear

Due to recent terrorist attacks and school shootings, there has been a lot of fear lately. People are terrified. But there is a group of people who should not be afraid.

The Root – Guilt

How many of you have ever done anything wrong? How many of you have intentionally or unintentionally hurt somebody? How many of you felt responsible or remorse for what you did?

You Have A Heart Problem

How are things with your heart?

I’m Not A Sinner

The Most Ignored Words of Jesus

Why do we ignore these words of Jesus?

The DNA of Generosity

What is generosity all about?

The DNA of Love

What is love really made of?

Faith Sees

Faith sees the invisible

Our Mission And Our Message

What is our assignment here on the earth?


What is a counterculture?

Consider Not

The Good Samaritan

Controlling Your Emotions

A Debt You Still Owe

Do I Really Love God?

Why Should We Praise The Lord?


What Is Worship?

The Secret Place

Expect To See

Prosperity Exposed

The Power of Kindness Part 1

Speaker: Jeremy Pearsons

The Cross

Our Comforter

Our Helper

Our Character

Receiving The Holy Spirit

5 Myths About Tongues

Is “It” In You?

Our Communicator

Spiritual Adoption

Money Matters

4 Steps To Eliminate Worry

Planting Thoughts

Developing Peace

Facial Expressions

It’s My Time

Have Faith In God

Power Of God

Signs For Unbelievers

Favor For The Faithful

A Culture Of Love

A Culture Of Fun

A Culture Of Faith

A Culture Of Generosity

How To Overcome?

Can You Handle The Pressure?

I Quit!

Choose Life


Is It Possible?


Speaker: Pastor Alan DiDio

Are You Pregnant?

Misplaced Hope

Do You Qualify?

Get Wisdom

Revelation of the Supernatural God

Speaker: Jeanette Alexander

You Choose

The Most Important Question

Who Are You?

You Are Forgiven

Jesus The Medic

Greater Grace

Thanks In Advance

Jesus Is The Resurrection

The Winning Hand

Speaker: Brian Calvin

Run To Love

The Measure Of Life – Part 1

Speaker: Jeremy Pearsons

The Purpose of the Process

The Steps of the Process

They That Wait…

Tired Of Waiting?

The Power of Patience

Dip and Dye

The Glory of God

Speaker: Jeanette Alexander

What Is Prayer?

Effective Prayer

Strength In The Inner Man

The Prayer of Faith

5 Prayers I Pray Everyday

The Secret Place

Fish Come First

Speaker: Pastor Alan DiDio

The Secret Weapon

The Sower Sows The Word


God Has More

Tongues – Heaven’s Language

How to Experience a Miracle

What Are You Expecting?

Put God First

Accept One Another

Love is Patient

Do Not Worry

Love Is Kind

Love Forgives

How to Enter The Kingdom

Made Righteous


The Kingdom in You

The Grace of God

What is Spiritual Rest?

Rest For Your Soul

Are You Ready?

We Are The Church

The True Gift

Fathers Love!

Give and It Shall Be Given

Give Thanks

The Mission

Speaker: Stephen Eichholtz

How to Combat a Lukewarm Feeling

Building His Church

Speaker: Jeremy Pearsons

What is God’s Plan for My Life?

Just Like Jesus

What is God’s Vision?

The Next Step

Free To Live

Seek His Face

God Is Good

Being Bold, Loving and Sensible

Was Jesus Poor?

God Wants Me To Prosper

Tithes & Offerings for the New Testament Believer

God’s Plan for the Blessing

So Loved

Believe How Much You Are Loved

God Cares For You


Why Was a Son Given?

Wonderful Counselor

Mighty God

How To Overcome

The Prince of Peace

What about 2013?

What is Faith?

How To Walk By Faith

How to Speak to Your Mountains

Why Pray if God is in Control?

How to Connect With God

How to Intensify Your Prayers

How to Minister to the Lord





You Are Forgiven

The Prodigal Son

The Benefits of Water Baptism

How To Be Free From Sin

The Gift of Righteousness

The Word Works

The Favor of God

I AM the Light of the World

I AM the Way, the Truth, and the Life

I AM the Resurrection and the Life!

I AM the Bread of Life

I AM the Vine

I AM the Good Shepherd

Forgetting What’s Behind

How to Handle Negativity

Fighting Against God

Are You Feeling Condemnation?

The Root to All Negative Fruit

Free Yourself

Love Is Irresistible

A church that looks like Jesus is Irresistible to the Father!

Hunger For The Anointing

Are you hungry for more of Gods power in operation on your life?

What Exactly Is Vision?

Vision is not created, its discovered

What is Koinonia?

How To Be A Witness

Nothing Happens Until Something is Spoken

Taming The Tongue

In The Face of Jesus

What Is The Condition Of Your Heart?

How To Create Victory

Jesus is LORD!

Jesus is SAVIOR


Tell Me What To Do

Help My Unbelief

The Power Of Love


What is True Life?

Teaching Equips Us

Live By Faith

Love One Another

Faith and Patience


Jesus Seeks and Saves

Trust Him

Divine Direction

Teach Us To Pray

Prayer: Connecting to God

Praying in Jesus’ Name

Expect Something New

Embrace Change

Fear Not

Born From Above

The Power of Thanksgiving

The Power Of Thanksgiving Part 2

The Image of Faith

Believe The Love

Jesus The Savior

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