newheresidebar2TrueLife Fellowship Church has been “home” for us since it started and our church family is a part of our family. The preaching is Word-centered, the people are Christ-centered, and the Children’s Ministry is love-centered. We love being a part of this church and are blessed to call DaVon and Stacy our pastors and friends! The Gathers Family – The Gathers Family

TrueLife Fellowship Church has been such a blessing to our family in so many ways. We were able to connect with the our church family in so many ways. We decided on February 19, 2012 that this was our home. Pastor DaVon and Stacy are such an inspiration to Steven and I. We have been restored and it feels wonderful to know the Lord the way we know Him now! We could not have asked for a better leader, teacher, and friend than we found in Pastor DaVon and Stacy Alexander. GOD is using us and the Holy Spirit is inside of us and we are loving it! We are so happy to plant our seed at TrueLife Fellowship and we are excited about our future in this church! – The Holley Family

True Life Fellowship Church has been instrumental in the growth of our faith. Pastor DaVon is an anointed man of God who has tremendous revelation of God’s Word. His messages are full of scripture, easy to understand, they stretch your faith, and they’re applicable. I was healed of debilitating back pain in 2013 after Pastor DaVon and Stacy laid their hands on me! Praise God for Pastors that believe in the laying on of hands!! The people at TLFC are full of God’s love and I love that it’s not fake. They truly love people wherever they are in life! My kids love it here! The children’s ministry takes seriously the spiritual growth of our kids and I’ve enjoyed watching them grow up in this church. We love this church so much that when my husband received a job in Thomasville, NC, approximately 1.5 hours away, we continued to come, and made the drive for 4 years until we moved back just to be closer to this church. God is doing mighty things in this ministry and we are so thankful to be a part of it! – The Garris Family

TrueLife Fellowship Church has been such a blessing to my family! We prayed for a church home after relocating and God answered in a major way! The moment my husband and I along with our five children walked into the church March 2015, we knew our prayers had been answered! My teen age son accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior of his life. Pastor DaVon did not stop with leading him to the Lord, he also invested in my son with resources he needs to enrich his spiritual walk and my husband and I will forever be grateful for his demonstration of God’s love. Everyone welcomed us with such warmth and excellence! If I can use just one word to describe the praise and worship, the people, and the word of God being taught, it would be, amazing! – The Wheeler Family

My life has changed dramatically for the better as a result of the Word preached at TrueLife. I thank God for the obedience that Pastor Davon and his wife Stacy took to embark this ministry to help change the world we live in! The culture of love is evident, and the church operates at a level of excellence that represents the Kingdom well. It’s a pleasure and a privilege to serve at TrueLife and be a part of a selfless vision that lines up with the Word of God. I’m a proud member of my church home, and recommend it to anybody who wants to experience True Life. – Thomas Felder II

“I had been looking for a stable church for years. I left Wilmington and moved to Charlotte for college. I found it hard to get connected to a good church. Some churches I attended weren’t very personal (preached the message and we go home, pretty much) or I didn’t really get a word that spoke to me in a way that truly sunk into my spirit. I remember going to certain “feel good” churches. I felt great about going and was excited about the things the ministry was involved in the community but when I looked around, I noticed something: I felt like I didn’t belong. Yes, the gospel SHOULD make you feel great, but I do not believe that every Sunday should be a message about God’s promises/ plans (every once in a while, a word of correction and conviction to the congregation should be given). I felt it truly wasn’t genuine! I gave up looking for a while and I settled (very wrong thing to do). I eventually said ENOUGH! I started googling nondenominational churches in my area. I went to a few, but nothing stood out to me. Until I decided to attend TRUELIFE! From the moment I walked in, I felt the love of God like never before!! TrueLife has such a strong foundation of love that it’s overwhelming! I really don’t believe I’ve ever gotten as much hugs as that Sunday by any other church. That was number one. I also will never forget the POWERFUL word that morning: the steps to forgiving someone. I felt like God placed me in that church that Sunday for a purpose. Pastor DaVon had no idea that I was fighting with my sister because of some disagreements we had. He heard straight from GOD. And it was ministered to me. From that day on, I made a decision to restore my relationship with my sister and to make amends with her. If I didn’t walk into Truelife that day, I probably never would have spoken to her ever again. I thank God for the calling upon pastor DaVon’s life, being a mighty Shepherd over Truelife and for the overwhelming sense of love I feel from every individual in that church body. Now, I sing on the praise and worship team every Sunday (a calling I knew I needed to walk out, but couldn’t because I wasn’t rooted in a church) and my life has never been the same! Anyone I bring to Truelife has been blessed by the loving people and the message that our pastor brings every Sunday. Thank you, Pastor DaVon, for being obedient to the call of God on your life and starting this ministry! – Alyssa Lang