At TrueLife, our children are high priority. They are a gift from the Lord, and we believe it is our responsibility to come alongside parents to assist in deliberately aiming “these arrows” in the direction for which God created them. Gentle, loving teachers prepare for the children every week to ensure that they are LOVED, that they LEARN, that they understand they can celebrate God and His Word as they LIVE, and that they are equipped to LEAD.


During this precious season, we desire to nurture your babies in every way we can, while giving parents the opportunity to be refreshed in the Word. Our teachers love on these little ones as they sing to them, read to them, and talk to them about Jesus. With the older ones, we have age appropriate lessons introducing them to simple Bible principles.

Little Learners/Little Leaders

As your children grow and are eager to explore their world, we strive to meet them where they are developmentally. Our lessons alternate Bible stories with Bible principles. For example, we have a Noah unit, followed by a unit on exploring how God cares for us. With this age group, there are lots of crafts and play time and music, as we reinforce the teachings.

Super Leaders

Super Leaders are school aged children who are ready to really dive into the Word and explore in depth who God is and who He created them to be in an amazingly fun environment. Our goal is to build on what you are teaching your children at home to equip them to make an impact in their world TODAY. Some day they will become great men and women of God, but we believe they don’t have to wait to make a difference. God can use your child right now to touch lives, and our objective is to equip them with the knowledge and the confidence to do so as opportunities arise!