Turning 40

When I wrote this blog, I was on an airplane thinking about turning 40. On Saturday, September 9, I will be a 40 year old man. As a 40 year-old DaVon Alexander, what would I tell the 17 year-old DaVon Alexander?

Here are some thoughts:

God has big plans for you and you stressing about them is unnecessary.

All the stress you carried by not having a college degree will not matter. Not having a Bachelor’s Degree cannot stop God’s plan for you. You’ll work for a Fortune 500 company and make a six-figure salary and have a career path that you will voluntarily walk away from.

You will stay in contact with your childhood friends.

You will meet new friends who will be some of your best, most trusted friends.

You will work for a worldwide ministry that you love and because they love you too, you’ll get comfortable and think you can be there “forever.” Wrong! God’s timeline is not the same as man’s and that ministry will lovingly, yet wrongly fire you! You, however, will still love them and they will still love you.

By faith, against human reasoning, you will move to Charlotte, NC by yourself. By that act of obedience, you will meet a beautiful, godly young lady and marry her. (Yes, young DaVon, you really will!) She will be a better wife to you than you could ever imagine.

You will have 3 children.

You will start a church made up of loving, supporting, generous people who will call you their pastor and lock arms with you and your wife in ministry. This church will have humble beginnings and will grow in ways and – as you continue to humbly serve and obey God – will one day become the real worldwide ministry you thought you could be in “forever.” The ministry where generations will experience TrueLife!

Have faith young DaVon. Everything is going to be ALL right!

Oh yeah! One more thing! You do not do any physical stretching now but at 40, you will stretch multiple times a day.