Video Gallery

  1. Why I Tithe?

    This message will blow your mind and change the way you think about tithing.

  2. The Spirit Of Mammon

    What is the Spirit of Mammon and how can we identify this spirit operating in our life?

  3. The Unjust Steward

    We will know a lot about your future by how you handle money today.

  4. Why Do We Exist?

    What is my purpose? What is the purpose of my church? Why does my church exist? These questions and others will be answered in this very inspirational message.

  5. Turning Discouragement Into Encouragement

    Here’s what you should do when discouragement attacks you.

  6. A Reason For Compassion

    The reason why you lack compassion is…

  7. True Inspiration

    Check out Pastor Alan DiDio from Encounter Christ Church as he teaches on how to pull victory out of the Bible. You do not want to miss this insightful word!

  8. Power Over Problems

    How you look at problems will determine how quickly you get out of them.

  9. Forgotten

    Do you ever feel ignored by God? Do you ever feel like you have waited a long time for God to do what needs to be done? This message will enlighten you.

  10. A Special Purpose

    In this message, you will learn how to be used by God for a special purpose.