Video Gallery

  1. Receive Power

    The Gospel is more than just eloquence and articulation. The gospel includes the power of God to change and rearrange your circumstances.

  2. Who Are You?

    Who Are You Promo Video

  3. Fighting Sickness

    Pastor DaVon shares the necessary weapons to fight off sickness and disease.

  4. The Power of Your Words

    Your words will manifest

  5. Work Your Faith

    The woman with the issue of blood

  6. The Talent

    What are you doing with the talent that God has given you?

  7. Remember To Forget

    How to prepare for a new year.

  8. Shame On Me

    The devil’s favorite weapon to use against us is shame...

  9. The Gospel Of Grace

    This message will show you how the power of God can change your life.

  10. Why Did This Happen?

    Pastor DaVon Alexander shares his thoughts on the church shooting in Texas.