Video Gallery

  1. Pastor DaVon on The Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast

    Our Pastor was featured on Kenneth Copeland's The Believers Voice of Victory Broadcast. Watch Pastor George Pearsons of Eagle Mountain International Church endorse Pastor DaVon as a man of integrity and character.

  2. What Is Heaven Like?

    Satan does not want you to have a clear picture of all that God has planned for you in eternity. Watch this message and find out what we can expect in heaven.

  3. Life After Death

    How often do you think about life after death? An inaccurate view of heaven will destine us to a wasted life here on the earth.

  4. Fake News

    Today we are bombarded with information. A lot of time we do not know what is true or what is false. In this message, Pastor DaVon talks about the truth of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.

  5. Trust Transfer

    Too often our trust is in something that is unreliable. How do we transfer our trust? Jesus shares a secret with the rich young ruler found in Mark 10.

  6. Are You Stuck?

    Are you unable to move forward?

  7. Run With Vision

    Run with a vision, gain momentum, and never lose again!

  8. The Miracle Of The Net

    What's your excuse?

  9. A Creative Miracle

    Water Into Wine - John 2:1-11

  10. Create Joy

    What to do when you are feeling blue?